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  • Will J Bree have signed books?
    Not at this time no, though it may be something we look at in the future. Currently J Bree is only signing books at events. See the Events page for details
  • How do I get an ARC?
    The ARC Team (The Slaughterhouse) has a set amount of people in it but with each release we reach out to see if anyone would like to relinquish their spots as time and reading patterns change and we often have people move on. We then open up to replace those members and sometimes expand the group a little. Each ARC member is expected to leave a review on Amazon and, if they have it, goodreads. There’s a spreadsheet to be filled out and though we ask people to do so, we never interfere with the reviews themselves. We post about openings to the team on all social platforms & the newsletter to ensure everyone who wants to, has the opportunity to sign up.
  • Are all of J Bree's books going to be audiobooks?
    We are hoping so eventually, yes. The Bonds has been the most recent focus, but when we have more information on audio, details will be announced.
  • Will there be more special edition versions of books coming in the future?
    Special Editions are in the works for various books/series. More info will be released at a later time when we have set details
  • What is the recommended reading order for the Mounts Bay world?
    J Bree would recommend you start with Lips series, then work your way through the world, and that reading order looks like this; Just Drop Out Make Your Move Play The Game To The End The Butcher Part One The Butcher Part Two Angel Unseen All Hail The Ruthless Queen Crow However you can also start with The Butcher Duet or Angel Unseen, without getting too many spoilers to the rest of the world.
  • Will the other Mounts Bay books be in audio?
    The Hannaford Prep series and Angel Unseen are currently available on audio and more books are planned to be produced. There aren’t any exact dates but once we have them, we’ll let you know. Make sure to sign up for the newsletter as all dates and information are sent out there as soon as we have details
  • Is there an update on Poe’s book?
    Not currently. This book is 100% coming, I am just not sure currently when that will be. As soon as we know, dates will be announced.
  • Is there an update on Vanth Falling?
    Not currently. These books are 100% coming, I am just not sure currently when that will be. As soon as we know, dates will be announced
  • Will we get more male POV books from Hannaford Prep?
    Just Drop Out, Play The Game, and To The End from the Boys' POV will not happen. There may be some special scenes and deleted content to come in the future though
  • Are there more MC books in the Mounts Bay world?
    More Unseen/MC books are coming in the future. We don't definite dates at this time, but details will be announced on all platforms as and when release details are available.
  • Will there be more Queen Crow books?
    The Queen Crow series is finished however the characters WILL make an appearance in future Mounts Bay stories.
  • Is Nate getting a book?
    There are books planned for Nate, but it is not currently on the calendar. When we have details, they will be released.
  • When are the rest of The Bonds That Tie coming to audio?
    All of The Bonds That Tie series are now available on audio. To get them check out The Bonds That Tie page
  • Are there any more bookings coming in The Bonds That Tie world?
    Currently, there are no more books planned for the Bonds world after Oli's series is done.
  • What is the recommended reading order for The Mortal Fates?
    J Bree recommends reading the series in the release date order. This is; The Sceptre The Sword A Crown of Oaths and Curses This will be updated as future titles are added to the world.
  • Will there be more from The Witches of Morgensterne?
    No, there are no current plans to expand this world.
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