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The high fae are waging a war.

After the witches murdered the king and the queen of the Unseelie Court, the Southern Lands were left without a rightful heir on the throne. The law states I cannot be crowned until I marry my Fates-blessed mate, but the Seer has been clear about what I’m to do.


As a pretender king rules, the War of the Witches rages on, taking no prisoners as my kingdom withers away.

The high faes’ days are numbered, but the Unseelie Court refuses to accept the danger we’re in. Instead, they drink fairy wine and dance their way to our demise. I cannot sit by and watch my people lose themselves to their own delusions of grandeur.

Our enemy may wear finery and dance amongst the Unseelie Court.

Who is involved in the plots to keep me from my throne and brand me a savage beyond repair?

Will I ever find the mate the Fates have promised me?

Or will I remain the Savage Prince, a cold and ruthless sword knowing nothing but bloodshed and ruin?


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