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Lovestruck or c*ntstruck?
Neither, I’m never letting a woman that close to me. I’ve seen what the Callaghan Curse has done to my uncles and I know for sure that my mom was one in a million. I’ll stick to going on runs and fucking biker bitches. Now there’s rats in my club and a web of lies being woven around me, I can’t afford to lose my head over a piece of ass.
There’s no way I’m being ‘struck.
No way I’m losing everything to a stripper.


With a fake ID in one hand and the keys to my dead daddy’s Chevy in the other, I roll up into Coldstone with a plan. Get a job, finish college, and never rely on anyone for anything.
Problem is the only thing I can sell is my body.
The stage of the strip club becomes a safe haven. No one can touch me there and the MC is brutal in how they protect their girls.
I was never expecting to find a biker of my own, especially one who’s made a name for himself amongst the other strippers by fucking them all.
Well, seems like he’s shit out of luck.
He can’t have me.


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